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The Steven Farrell Podcast

Apr 30, 2019

Fitness presenter, coach and top personal trainer Padraig Clyne chats about coming to terms with his dyslexia diagnosis, seeking help and setting goals. 

Padraig also shares his top tips for reaching your fitness goals, how making small changes lead to big results and how important it is to believe in yourself. 

Apr 22, 2019

Irish and International hurdles champion Matthew Behan chats about nutrition, focus, dedication and self-belief in this episode. We also speak about beliefs and goal setting and his focus on the Tokyo Olympics in 2019. 

Matthew also shares some tips for how he gets into the winning mindset which has helped him bring...

Apr 15, 2019

In this episode leading Craniosacral therapist, John Dalton explains what this 'gentle touch' therapy is and what it can be used for. 

We also take about John's morning routine, big life questions and John shares tips he uses in his daily life. 

John is also a podcast host, a visual artist and author. 

Apr 8, 2019

One of the best know faces in Irish Theatre, Joe Conlan speaks to me in this episode, he uses rich, and descriptive language to share stories of his childhood; raised in a warm and loving home he also tells of the trauma he faced in school but the freedom he found on summer holidays. 

Joes talks about his career in the...

Apr 2, 2019

CEO and founder of ICONIC Protein Billy Bosch speaks about what led him to create his brand and what drives and motivates him. We speak about his morning routine and gratitude and about the challenges he faced in the early days of ICONIC.

Billy's mantra is 'hire smart people and get out of their way' and this has helped...